This Term will focus on Chapters 1 and 2 ( 1st Nations & French Regime)
Text Books will be used in class only, Blue workbooks will be used in class daily and be sent home to be completeed for homework daily as well.

1. Course Outline

2. Canadian Map Activity, Due Sept. 6th

3. Notes on Chapter 1

4. 1st Nations Essay, due Sept. 25th

5. Chapter 1 Test, Sept. 25th

6. Interpreting a Document #1, ( Doc. 19 on Page 16 of textbook) Week of Sept. 24th

Activity worksheet:

7. Map Quest Activity, week of Oct. 1st

8. Interpreting a Document #2, week of Oct. 9th

9. Dossier #1 Activity, Oct. 18th

10. Notes on Chapter 2

11. Essay on Seigneurie, Due. Oct.23rd.

12. Unit 2 Test, Oct. 23rd

Tem 1 Ends November 2nd