1. Course Outline

2. Workshops on:

3. Events for Term 1:
  • Welcome back spirit week
  • Open House
  • Halloween haunt and spirit week
  • Circle of friends

4. Events for Term 2:
  • Series of workshops led by the teacher, students will be marked on participation and response essays.
  • Class Event: in partners, students will plan a workshop to hold in the class, for their classmates. Students will be marked on their proposal, creativity and execution of the event.

  • Recettes en Pots Fundraiser
  • Candy Cane-O-Grams for FLASH week and Holiday kick off
  • Christmas basket
  • Circle of Friends

5. Events for Term 3:
  • Valentine Spirit week
  • Staff Appreciation Week
  • EVB Celebration
  • Spring Dance
  • Jr leadership workshops
  • Circle of friends
  • Leadership Camp in May (invitation is dependent on proper class participation, good behavior in and out of class and must be in good academic standing in all subjects)

Know your why
Ted Talk: Barry Schwartz